creamy yogurt

Yogurt with rich, creamy taste, produced with low-fat milk and milk enzymes. No preservatives or colours added, for healthy living.


Low fat yogurt

2x125gr plain low fat yogurt

Low fat yogurt strawberry

2x125gr strawberry low fat yogurt

Pineapple yogurt

2x125gr pineapple low fat yogurt

Citrus low fat yogurt

2x125gr citrus zero fat yogurt

banana zero fat yogurt

2x125gr banana zero fat yogurt

zero fat berry yogurt

2x125gr berries zero fat yogurt

lemon yogurt

2x125gr lemon yogurt

berry yogurt

2x125gr berry yogurt

apricot yogurt

2x125gr apricot yogurt

pineapple yogurt

2x125gr pineapple yogurt

low fat yogurt

500gr zero fat yogurt

lemon yogurt

500gr lemon yogurt

strawberry yogurt

500gr strawberry yogurt

cereals yogurt

500gr cereal yogurt

berry yogurt

500gr berry yogurt

banana yogurt

500gr banana yogurt

low fat strawberry yogurt

500gr strawberry low fat yogurt