The best Greek Pomegranates of the ‘Wonderful’ and ‘Ako’ cultivars are selected from Kilkis, Trikala, Serres and Alexandria, in Greece. The ‘Wonderful’ cultivar is being chosen for the deep red colour of the pomegranates and their particularly rich anti-oxidant action. We manage to balance the flavour of the juice with the sweet pomegranates of the ‘Ako’ cultivar.

Then the pomegranates are being transported to Christodoulou family’s nearest facility in Koufalia, Thessaloniki. Thus, all pomegranates are juiced within 24 hours of being picked. We juice our pomegranates using innovative procedures, without adding or removing any substance. This way, we preserve and provide to you all the quality and flavour characteristics of the pomegranate unaltered.

All vitamins are being preserved thanks to mild processing. Thus, each glass of ‘100% Pomegranate’ juice covers 1 of the 5 daily items of fruit and vegetable that an adult requires. It also has powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory action.

In cooperation with the Agricultural University and the University of Thessaly, it has been proved that the ‘Christodoulou Family 100% Pomegranate’ natural juice offers more anti-oxidant action than the actual fresh fruit itself. The company’s Research & Development department achieved this through an innovative fruit processing method.