Zafeiri’s trahanas (frumenty)


Ingredients: 3/4 cup sweet frumenty zest of 1 lime or half of a lemon 10 thin slices of Trikalinos  avgotaraho ½ teaspoon of freshly ground pepper Boil 1 litre of water, add the frumenty and the zest and cook until the soup thickens. Cut the avgotaraho into transparent slivers or small [...]

Lentil soup with Trikalinos bottarga


Ingredients (serves 6): 500 g of peeled lentils 1 medium peeled onion 1 clove of garlic 1 bay leaf ½ cup of olive oil 1 liter of water 24 g. of Trikalinos  sliced bottarga freshly ground pepper olive oil and chives to garnish Boil the lentils with onion, garlic, bay leaf [...]

Pea soup veloute with olive oil and bottarga


Ingredients : 1 k of peas 20 gr. of chopped dill 50 gr. of leek, finely chopped 50 ml of Malagouzia white wine Olive oil for sautéing Water, enough to cover the peas 12 drops of extra virgin olive oil 20g. of Trikalinos Bottarga, finely sliced pink peppercorns Sauté the leeks in olive [...]

Trahanas soup


Ingredients : 11/2 cups of ALAMBRA Trahanas THE GRANNY 3 slices of ALAMBRA Halloumi Cheese in cubes 6 cups of chicken broth 2 medium sized tomatoes, peeled and blended Salt (optional) Freshly ground pepper To prepare the soup called Trahana you will need of course ALAMBRA Trahana Soup base. First we let [...]