Project Description


  • 800g flour (00 grade)
  • 200g thin semolina
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 230g water

Smoked fish stuffing

  • Chop thinly 2kg sweet onions
  • Let them melt with marrow at low heat during 3 hours
  • When cold, add smoked mackerel fillets, crush the blend in a pestle
  • Add ricotta and parmesan
  • Fill and cook the raviolis

 Lemon preserve cream

  • Cook the lemons three times. Change the water after each cooking.
  • Finish the last cooking with salt and sugar (3 spoons of each for 2 liters of water).
  • Empty the lemons and mix the peel – thinly cut- with honey and a little bit of water.

Serve the raviolis with the lemon cream, a few Trikalinos Bottarga slices, and a few radish slices.