pomegranate apple carrot juice

The best fruit is being selected from throughout Greece,including ‘Starkin’ apples from Ayia, Edessa and Kozani, ‘Wonderful’ Pomegranates from Kilkis, Trikala, Serres and Alexandria, as well as Carrots from Thessaloniki. Then it is being transfered to Christodoulou family’s nearest facility in Koufalia, Thessaloniki.

The best ratio of fruit is being chosen to prepare a juice that combines the fresh flavour of apples, the acidic and intense flavour of pomegranates and the sweetness of carrots. Thus, we manage to quench your thirst in the most nutritional way!

The fruit is being juiced using innovative procedures, without adding or removing any substance. This way, all the quality and flavour characteristics of the fruit collected from Greek soil unaltered are being preserved.

Each glass of‘ ‘Christodoulou Family Apple, Pomegranate & Carrot’ natural juice covers 1 of the 5 daily items of fruit and vegetable that an adult requires and is rich in vitamins A and C, which help vision, strengthen the skin and enhance the immune system.