Organic oranges, apples and carrots are being carefully selected and then the best ratio of organic fruit is being chosen to combine the sweet-sour flavour of oranges, the fresh flavour of apples and the sweetness of carrots.

The fruit is being juiced using innovative procedures, without adding or removing any substance. This way, we preserve and provide to you all the quality and flavour characteristics of our organic fruit unaltered.

The vitamins in the fruit are being preserved thanks to mild processing. Thus, each glass of ‘Christodoulou Family Orange – Apple – Carrot’ organic juice covers 1 of the 5 daily items of fruit and vegetable that an adult requires and is rich in vitamins A and C, which help the immune system and vision.

Finally, the juice is then being packed in aseptic ‘Tetra Pak’ packaging. Thus, it is protected from solar radiation and oxygen, preserving its aroma, nutrients and vitamins unaltered.