mineral water

Colour: Transparent and crystal
Composition: Mild with a low salt content it is ideal for low-sodium diet, while it is rich in magnesium, calcium and minerals

“KRINOS” Natural Mineral Water redesigned from the 3rd generation of Anastasopoulou’s family by keeping always in mind the water bottling tradition since 1973 and it obtained:
Bottle: Generic and specially designed for ergonomic grip and serving
Logo: Strong and fresh on light blue colour giving the sense of water purity written in youthful, rounded letters surrounded by dew bubbles
Label: Happy and lively with magenta details showing an optimistic sense
Appearence: Modern, cool and differentiated by its distinctive magenta cap

“Reminder”: Simple things make us smile!

Hydration & Optimism, Beauty and Dew in two kind of packaging for you to choose!

100% Greek Product!