mineral water

Colour: Transparent and crystal
Composition: Mild with a low salt content it is ideal for low-sodium diet, while it is rich in magnesium, calcium and minerals

By using our 40-years experience on water bottling know-how we created “KRINOS” Natural Mineral Water 1lt. according to modern life’s needs, so you can enjoy it in:

Bottle: The only in magenta colour! Special and Differentiated! Specially designed for ergonomic grip and serving
Logo: Serious and strong infuse style and dynamism
Label: Silver-shine look! Two-sided! Black with Light Pink! When the opposites get in absolute balance
Appearance: Elegant, Eclectic and Modern! A magenta bottle combined with a double-look shiny label and a black cap! For sure you will choose it among all the others!

“Reminding”: Antithesis bring variety and beauty in our lives!

Style, Finesse & Hydration all included in a magenta bottle!

100% Greek Product!