lemon soft drink

Colour: Yellowish as the pulp of a fresh lemon
Texture: Full and thick but vivacious at the same time
Flavor: Like a freshly-cut lemon with a slightly sour aftertaste that refreshes and quenches thirst

“Memory”: The first teenage dates under summer sun, love stories, the first sneaky bunk offs

In a glass with ice cubes
will satisfy your thirst,
will fortify you and
will travel you away!



Made by 100% Greek Natural Juice!



220gr resealable airtight packaging with a zipper (feta cheese in extra virgin olive oil and herbs)


100gr, 200gr, 400gr, 1kg and 2kg airtight packages of feta cheese


200gr, 400gr, 1kg, 2kg and 4kg plastic box containers of feta cheese in brine


130gr, 150gr, 900gr, 2kg and 8kg plastic box containers of feta cheese cubes in brine


150gr plastic box container of feta cheese cubes, and 200gr plastic box container of a feta cheese slice with extra virgin olive oil and herbs.


4kg, 8kg and 15kg metal containers of feta cheese in brine

All products are available upon request at any packaging the customer prefers.