Bottarga Golden Age

Taste plain Golden Age Avgotaraho slices to feel the refreshing “drops of the sea”, or combine with toasted bread. Try it on top of raw scallops, pasta or risotto.

Accompany by premium vodka,  single malt whiskey, champagne, young and dry grape varieties of wine and all Fine Domestic Distillates.


What is this?
Pure Authentic Trikalinos Avgotaraho.

What makes Trikalinos Golden Age so special?

  • Coming from a unique, limited edition and selection of the most golden roes from Trikalinos Grey Mullet Bottarga production, it is sealed in a thin film of natural bee’s wax.
  • Natural product without preservatives with high nutritional value, velvety texture and subtle, but long lasting finish.
  • Destined for the more sensitive and sophisticated palates, with short shelf life, always consumed fresh with freshly baked  bread.
  • A gastronomic delicacy of superior quality that has sealed a multileveled palette in its core: the sea breeze, peat and iodine along with the long lasting creamy aftertaste of roasted almonds.

Why is it good for health?
Research published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, showed that Trikalinos Bottarga is a food of high nutrition value, providing significant amounts of protein, fatty acids and vitamins. It has a healthy lipid profile in terms of omega-3/omega-6 ratio, while the antiplatelet reactivity of its oil indicates a putative antithrombotic potential, which was verified recently in collaboration with the Greek Institute of Pasteur, in animal experimental model.