Fleur de Sel

What is this? 
Fleur de Sel is the purest of all table salts considered as marine salt of supreme quality.

What makes Trikalinos FLEUR DE SEL so special? 
Trikalinos FLEUR DE SEL is obtained solely by traditional harvesting methods from the Etoliko – Messologhi lagoon in Greece. 100% natural salt it is not altered in any way. Fresh, bright, white salt always slightly moist.

Leave its crystals dissolve in your mouth and you will appreciate its mild, subtle yet aromatic taste. Using it for everyday cooking as a topping. To harmonize and become the link between different flavours on compound dishes, this excellent natural sea salt can be sprinkled on every cooked meal, to give a delicate finishing. Try it to desserts such as creme brulee, bitter chocolate or even caramel sauce to add a sophisticated sparkle.

Usage Tips

  • Open the metal tin and use scissors to cut the upper part of the bag.
  • Keep the salt in the bag inside the metal tin.
  • Remember to close the bag and the tin after usage.