sliced bread

Since 2005, the Kris Kris “Fetes Zois” family of products has taught us to seek higher nutritional value in our bread, introducing, for the first time in Greece a sliced bread with wheat germ – the “heart” of wheat which in essence is nature’s vault of nutritional value. This Kris Kris family of sliced bread, has offered a number of significant innovations to our everyday diet, like Kris Kris “Fetes Zois” Proseho, with plant strerols for reduced cholesterol levels, and Kris Kris “Fetes Zois” Wheat, the first white bread with the nutritional value of brown bread.


sliced wheat bread

Kris Kris «Fetes Zois» Wheat

sliced wholemeal bread

Kris Kris «Fetes Zois» Wholemeal

traditional sliced bread

Kris Kris «Fetes Zois» Horiatiko