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Fine Goods is a company dedicated in sourcing and supplying the finest food products, beverages and spirits from across Greece, Cyprus and Italy, working directly with a network of producers, from small family-run artisans to big international brands.

From the producer, to the professionals, to the consumer, all of us strive to achieve an exceptional and unique experience of the palate.

A lot of our products are being used and endorsed by world renowned restaurants such as Rouge Tomate in Brussels, El Celler de Can Roca in Spain, L’ Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Taipei and Schwa in Chicago.

We pride ourselves on sourcing products that are unique, reared and produced in accordance with old traditions.

Local knowledge and expertise combined with an international outlook and attention to detail define who we are.

Most of our producers have leading position in their industry, have won many international awards, and their products are available in many countries around the world.

Our Products


Our Producers

Hotos S.A.
Hotos S.A.Dairy
With respect to the traditional way of production and to the quality that made them renowned, Hotos Cheese products stand out for their rich and full flavour, and have become a favourite among Greeks.
Trikalinos Co.
Trikalinos Co.Grey Mullet Bottarga
Since 1856, Trikalinos Family has produced and sold Grey Mullet Bottarga known in Greece as Avgotaraho. Today, in keeping with tradition and a vision for tomorrow, Trikalinos Company innovates, continuing to produce superior quality products of high nutritional value.
È più gourmet dairy products combine the Italian tradition with the technological innovation and expertise.
The Albiero Dairy Factory was founded in the 40’s in Montorso, a small town in the very heart of the Veneto Region. It was one of the first Italian companies to produce the Provolone cheese, a delicious, uniquely tasting cheese. A leading representative of the dairy art, Albiero stands out for the quality of its products and the extreme carefulness in the manufacturing processes.
SativaOlive Culture
SATIVA was founded in 1997 in the locality of Molaoi, Laconia Prefecture, with agricultural products standardization and main product the edible olive as its core businesses. The company specialises in Kalamata and other Greek olive varieties, working with ideas which differentiate its products and provide a competitive advantage to its clients.
Chris Family
Chris FamilyJuices
Since 1955, Chris (Christodoulou) family has been working according to the principles of integrity, honesty and research: Integrity towards its associates, honesty towards its consumers and research for the creation of premium quality products.
Petrou Bros
Petrou BrosDairy
Based on the long experience and expertise, Petrou Bros Dairy Products company is aligned with the market needs, by pioneering in products which combine quality and innovation. The aim is to satisfy the continuously demanding nutrition needs of today’s consumers by incorporating the history and tradition of Cyprus within its range of products.