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The Albiero Dairy Factory was founded in the 40’s in Montorso, a small town in the very heart of the Veneto Region.

It was one of the first Italian companies to produce the Provolone cheese, a delicious, uniquely tasting cheese.

A leading representative of the dairy art, Albiero stands out for the quality of its products and the extreme carefulness in the manufacturing processes.

Albiero started producing in 1938 collecting milk from nearby areas.

In 1955 Albiero built the factory in Montorso Vicentino, in Veneto Region, where Lino Albiero, the company founder, established his business activity. The early stages of his activity can be considered handicraft.

Over the years Albiero adapted to market’s needs and decide to enlarge his facilities in order to increase the production and to offer ever improving quality, by introducing considerable technological innovating during 1984/1985 and converting the firm from handicraft to industry.

The Albiero shake-up was completed in 1984 when they bacame part of the Consorzio Provolone Valpadana. Another shake-up took place between 1990-92 when it was decide to take part in a EU project to improve quality and to adopt the most rigorous controls, starting from the first step of the supply chain.

These developments have been accompanied by adequate growth of the company structure, and quality and product requirements have allowed to obtain the highest certifications.

In 2012 the branch of Lonigo has been expanded with a doubling of the space assigned to aging and packaging, and this has allowed us to further refine the capabilities of Albiero in proposing to the end consumer with a wide range of hard and semi-hard cheeses.

From milk of our land, cheese of our home


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